Creative Psychotherapy Institute

Children and Therapy

Children respond best to counseling if they are engaged through the process of therapy through the use of play therapy. Play Therapy is a therapeutic process where a trained counselor uses toys and other creative media to help the child explore behaviors, feelings, and better understand her/himself and others. Play therapy has research that supports its effectiveness in helping change children's behavior problems as well as helping them learn to communicate more effectively. Play therapy is important for children because developmentally they lack the abstract reasoning and verbal capabilities of traditional talk therapy. To learn more about Play Therapy, watch this short video "Play Therapy Works!)

Adolescents and Therapy

Why is adolescence so hard for teens and their parents?

Adolescence is an important time in each person's life where the transition is made from childhood to adulthood. The enormous amount of growth in physical, hormonal, and in the cognitive thinking processes can cause changes in attitudes and behavior. The changes can mystify and frustrate the parents and caring adults in their lives. In spite of how teens try to push parents away, paraxoxically they really need a great deal of support and guidance from them. Many important tasks take place during adolescence where support from parentst can help ensure that they are successful. One of these tasks is the formation of an identity that defines who they are, uniquely different than other family members. Aspects of how they define who they are will continue to grow and change as they enter adulthood but the energy they put into idenitity formation in adolescence can cause them to act subborn, withdrawn, or angry. Teens also seek acceptance from their peers more as they rely less on identifcation with parents. Because decision making and emotional regulation skills are often underdeveloped at this stage, teens are at risk of poor decision making and for having difficulty with depression, anxiety, or anger. 

Why would I choose counseling for my teen?

Counseling can be a place for teens to express themselves, view themselves and their parents more positively, and learn how to evaluate and make healthy choices. Counseling can help parents and teens change current problems, heal from past wounds, and build better communicaton between one another.