Creative Psychotherapy Institute

Sandtray Therapy

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What is Sandtray Therapy?

Often called Sandplay or Sandtray, this experiential and creative modality can be used as an adjunctive or primary form of counseling for many ages and types of people. Margaret Lowenfield has been credited for its use in therapy from her work with chldren who survived WWI in Poland. 

Why is Sandtray Helpful?

Working in the sand has a unique kinesthetic quality that relaxes and helps people better access their emotions. Sandtray therapy uses the elements of earth and water as well as miniatures figures representing daily life and imagination. Children, adolescents and adults can enjoy using sandtray in counseling and find that creating scenes using miniature figures allows them to acquire perspective and depth to the understanding of their experiences.

Sandtray can be used to help families better communicate in counseling and serves a fun way to help parents and children understand one anothers unique perspectives. Uaing the sandtray is completely up to the client as a way to access personal creativity to explore their lives.

Counselor Supervision

Sandtray is also used in therapist training and supervision to help the therapist understand the processes and experiences they hold as they work with clients. 

For more information about sandtray and its use in counseling, please email or call Dr. Reynolds.